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Adventure Attic has everything you need to fit your outdoor and travel lifestyle.

Adventure Attic: Your Place for Outdoor and Hiking Gear in the Greater Hamilton Area

At Adventure Attic, we consider ourselves to be part of the unique outdoor community, providing camping, hiking, and travel gear in Dundas. It is a community that thrives best when you, the customer, make the choice to shop local, use our expert staff, and get your outdoor and travel lifestyle needs met rather than go to a big-box-store or corporate competitor. Don't get us wrong though; we believe in competition and we will do our best to at least match if not beat other businesses in giving you the hard-goods that you need. Drop by our shop today and see all the great things you can find.

Our expert staff prides itself on giving you a service experience that outweighs the competition; we take information workshops, online training, and product knowledge seminars on the goods that you buy from us. But more importantly, we make the effort to use the products that we offer. That way, we know how that merino base layer is going to be in cold temperatures, how those boots hold up under heavy use, and which hiking poles will serve you best on the trails. Our staff is a mature, knowledgeable one that is committed to your satisfaction. Serving your needs by phone, email, or in person at the store. Drop by today!

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Winter Camping

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Camping Is a Four-Season Activity

What Our Customers Say

Outstanding Selection

“An outstanding selection of gear for so many sports, to be sure, but what makes this place awesome is the staff who don't try to oversell you, ever. I bought a new pair of hiking poles and am so happy with the mid-upper range pair that were suggested, and can attest to the fact that hiking socks do in fact make a huge difference, and they suggested pairs that do the job and aren't excessively expensive. That kind of service makes them golden in my books.”

—Karen S.

Equipment for the Pros

We carry a variety of products for hiking, camping, and more.

Enjoy the Community

Keep an eye on opportunities to get together with the local community and share your interests.

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